I am a writer dabbling in short stories, flash fiction, poems, articles and novels. Currently going through the editing of my first novel. (Have two earlier attempts sitting on my hard drive. I will not torture you with the details) I’m mostly game for any form of writing though most of my stories tend to be flash fiction. My idea of a perfect day is to be curled up with a good book and a hot cup of masala chai as rain lashes against the window panes. Bliss!


I write

because I simply can’t not write, because I feel miserable when I don’t write. Because I don’t paint or sketch or sing that well. Writing is how I make sense of myself and the world around me. Words bring me closer to my inner consciousness. I believe that words have the power to heal, the power to make someone smile in spite of the heavy burdens they carry in this life. The power to forget their own pain for a while. If a reader looses himself for a while in the world of my stories, I believe I’ve done my job right.

I discover and learn through my own poems and through the poems of others. Writing not only helps me fill up the page but also helps me fill up my life. In writing about the ordinary, I savour the beauty of the extraordinary in those simple moments. In writing I forget myself and become part of a larger consciousness. Where the ‘I’ in me no longer holds existence.

The blank page is scary, terrifying but one written word, one sentence at a time and it can also be full of possibilities. I write good stories. I write bad stories. The good stories help me reveal an inner truth, the bad stories are bridges to the next good stories waiting to be written. Writing helps me to look at the same situation and people through different perspectives, through different lenses.

The stories that resonate with me the most are the ones that ask questions and have no easy answers. We all have to find our own answers but sometimes even asking the right questions can lead to answers you’ve never imagined. I write to discover forgotten stories. I want to catch these stories by their tail and make them land on my page.

I write through hurt and through happiness. I write because I have something to say. I write because I have nothing to say. I write because writing is all I have. Writing is the way I live and relive my life, to wrap my days and memories around me by jotting them down on the page. Writing keeps me sane, confining the madness only to the page.

Words have power. Words have energy. I love shaping the sound and rhythms of them, holding them in my palms, making them dance on the page. Sometimes, writing is the way I touch the face of God.

Stories are magic. Stories are all around us. Beautiful stories make us laugh, cry and celebrate the humanity within us. Finally, I write just because….I write. I can. I write just for the hell of it. I write because I love the scribbles of pen on paper. I write because I love the sound of clacking keys as I tap away at my keyboard.