9 Superheroes and Villains With Major Bank

They say with great power comes great responsibility, and this has always been the case with superheroes. More often than not, those who feel that they need to protect justice and save the innocent have also been blessed with great wealth and stature like the Marvel superheroes and villains. Take everyone’s favourite billionaire, Bruce Wayne. He’s an orphan under the care of the butler, Alfred, but he has been left with billions by his parents. Continue reading











Sharing a poem that was short listed for the Romantic Rendezvous Contest run by Writers Melon.


I searched for me and found you

seeping through
my lines
on the horizon of my poems

Standing at the periphery
I searched for you —

at the epicentre
a revelation:
no trace of you

I am left caged within words

The universe tilted on poems.

We met on burning rainbows
swallowed golden suns drank moonlight

We live different stories now

While I spoon night
dreams, hope sighs
skitters, on the edge of love.