The Gardener – A Short Story

Artist/August Macke

I  have  never  seen  Mr  Patel  without  his  long  beard  and  flying  locks.  He  flaunts  them  like  a  teenage  girl.  His  hair  is  sort  of  a  patchwork  alternating  with  patches  of  grey  and  black.  I  suppose  it  never  occurred  to  him  to  dye  his  hair.  He just  accepted  it  as  one  accepts  the  sun  and  the  moon. Continue reading

Princess to the Rescue

Artist/ Ernst Ferdinand Oehme

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom named Silver Woods. The sky-kissed spires glittered under the sun while the nights brought out the haunting beauty of the kingdom when moonlight spilled through the windows and sowed dreams. The royal castle was the Black Castle. Princess Anastasia loved every bend and corner of this kingdom. Continue reading