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As part of the DIY MFA Street  Team, I received an advanced review copy of DIY MFA ( Do It Yourself Master of Fine Arts) by Gabriela Pereira. I’m happy to say that I have enjoyed this creative journey with the other members of the street team.

The book explains the subject well and is split into sections like building your platform, reading and writing which is further expanded into sections like point of view, dialogue, voice, plot and character for ease of reference.  The USP of the book is that it focuses not only on the craft but also on building your community of readers, finding a support group of writers that keeps you accountable, ways to keep your creative well filled, with tools such as the Oracle.

As Gabriela says in the book, no one method is right for any writer. She presents a various array of tools and techniques to discover and implement what works for you and also streamlines a process through which you can objectively identify the techniques that work for you. The craft of writing is explained at various levels with detailed examples with samples of short stories, dialogues in the book and additional links to resources you can find on the DIY MFA website to get the point across. The process of revising a rough draft to a polished manuscript was particularly helpful for me as its an issue I have been struggling with for some time.

Gabriela knows her craft and it comes across well in the book. This book would be a gem to add to any writer’s collection of reference books. I particularly liked how she analysed the short story, ‘The Story of an Hour’ by Kate Chopin through different lenses of character, setting and narration.

Author: Gabriela Pereira

Publisher: Writers Digest Books

Genre: Non Fiction

DIY MFA: Write with focus, Read with purpose, build your community is available at Amazon officially on 8 July 2016 or you can pre order your copy here.



DIY MFA – by Gabriela Pereira
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